About Us

Our Dream to Reality

High Ridge Farms began operations in 2010, a dream project of the late Steve Trewhella. He had a vision for the future of cannabis cultivation, a different kind of grow, one run with geothermal green energy. He introduced his flower to the medical cannabis community by bringing product to one of the forerunners of safe access medical cannabis in the Portland area. In short order his flower was in demand, and his following began. Unfortunately, just two years later, he passed. 

His wife, Kim Trewhella, inherited his business six months prior to his passing and was determined to make his dream a reality. With a whole lot of heart and persistence, she had much to learn about everything from growing to patient paperwork and compliance, all while raising two growing teenagers. Seeking help with this mountain of work, Kim hired Stephen Mesher in April 2013. His amazing work ethic, knowledge and passion, and their shared determination, set Kim on the path of creating and legitimizing a business while also pioneering the way in the evolving cannabis industry. 

Essential to High Ridge Farms operations and company culture are trust, transparency, commitment, vision, passion, and collaboration. This also means operating with a great team. Kim acknowledges that without the awesome people who pour their heart into doing their best everyday--while navigating the constant changes--High Ridge Farms would have disappeared a long time ago.  She also says her team are loyal and dedicated and admits that she wouldn't be where she is today without each of them.  She also gives a lot of credit to her amazing team of professionals who have been with her since day one.

There have been many changes at High Ridge Farms since the early days, but their team continues to learn and grow every day. Motivated by the desire to create a brand patrons ask for by name because of  quality and consistency, this farm is still loyal to their fundamental values: providing the medical and recreational community with top-notch flower and cannabis concentrates at a reasonable price. Their long term commitment is certainly paying off. The farm's mantra is to serve the cannabis community with pride and professionalism always trying to exceed expectations. Try one of their products today! We hope that you too will become one of the many loyal "HRF" brand Patrons!